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Mediation Services
        If you’re looking for a way to come to an agreement without going to court in an expensive and public litigation battle, there are various processes and techniques for the disagreeing parties to settle their differences.  One of those methods is mediation.  If you wish to avoid accepting judgment imposed by a third party as a solution to the issue causing conflict while maintaining control, then mediation might be a solution that could work for you.  
         Mediation is a process whereby people with differing views sit down with an impartial third party to discuss issues they need help resolving.  The mediator guides and facilitates conversation, helping people to sort out their needs and interests.  With the help of the mediator, the people involved generate different options to meet those needs.  Together, they arrive at workable solutions.  The mediator does not act as a judge, does not make decisions and does not impose solutions.  All decisions are made by the people involved.
         The mediation process is voluntary, and completely confidential. Your privacy is respected throughout.  Mediators will not share anything you tell them, either with family members or other people or agencies, unless you specifically ask them to.  (The exception to this rule is if the mediator believes that a person will cause harm to themselves or anyone else; someone is planning the commission of a crime; or if there is a question of child or elder abuse.)
         Mediation is a win-win process.  It allows everyone involved to hear and understand each other.  Mediated agreements are mutually satisfying, reflecting the input of all parties.  Most importantly, people use mediation because it is effective.  Between 65% and 70% of people who choose to mediate reach resolution of the issue that caused the conflict.  This process can occur with the parties alone or with the parties and their lawyers.
         Attorney Kamel is a practicing attorney who is also a certified mediator.  In mediation, typically, Attorney Kamel will not represent either party, but attempt to assist the parties to reach an agreement that they think is fair.  Attorney Kamel is often able to help the parties achieve creative solutions to what appeared insurmountable issues.  If and when the parties reach an agreement, Attorney Kamel will either write a “memorandum of understanding”, which is an outline of points to which the parties agree, or a formal agreement, which is the full embodiment of the parties’ settlement.  If the parties wish, Attorney Kamel will assist them or their lawyers in finalizing their agreement and/or help unrepresented parties to prepare pleadings and related material for presentation of their agreement to the court. 

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